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Anisa Hermosillo

State FFA President

When I was little, my parents would always tell me stories about this great organization that played a big part in their lives- called the National FFA Organization. Ever since their stories, I have looked forward to participating in the National FFA Organization, and to play a part in this large organization. In their time in the Arizona Association FFA, my parents developed their leadership skills, and knowledge on agriculture related topics. The very first time that the State FFA Officers of the Arizona Association FFA visited my chapter, something sparked inside of me, and I knew that I wanted to be a State FFA Officer, and inspire others, exactly like how they inspired me. It has been my hope to serve others, just like how former State FFA Officers served my fellow members, and myself. I have always wanted to inspire people to be the best that they could be. The National FFA Organization has brought the best out of me, additionally I want others to experience what I experienced through the National FFA Organization. I want others to explore the possibilities and to eventually find their own niche in this great organization. Just like my parents, I hope to improve my skill sets in public speaking, and leadership qualities during my year in service. The main reasons why I inspire to be a State Officer for the Arizona Association FFA are to serve others, advocate for agriculture education, and hone in on my public speaking skills.