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Isaac Armenta

State Sentinel

Growing up as a city boy from Glendale, to Peoria, and Litchfield. Agriculture was not apart of my life. As I moved to Buckeye I began to see the farmlands, and was very interested to learn about these green fields around me. Although I didn't join FFA my freshman year in high school I still made it my mission to learn, and become knowledgeable when I joined my sophomore  year. I then was able to develop my vision for myself through this organization about why I wanted to serve. My years in the FFA the role models embodied what it meant to be a servant leader, and the impact they made on myself inspired me to continue that legacy.

 As we look at this quote from The Washington Leadership Conference, "To do what we can, With what we have, Where we are!" I see these three phrases to be the values I find most important in a leader for myself. I plan to do "What I can" by going the extra mile in any situation even when the road is bumpy. I am excited for the miles we travel from Chapter Visits, to Greenhand Conferences, and COLT 2 Go. These aspect are "What we have" to make a difference, and grow the leaders within ourselves. By remembering what leadership traits we value. Remembering what our roles are in our home and community. Wither we are a chapter officer or not, our decisions will make an impact for generations to come by "where we are". Most importantly remembering that our differences make us unique, and sharing these traits. As an officer I promise to never hold back, always give my heart, my passion, and a helping hand in any situation. Throughout this year and life you may question who I stand for, and what I stand for. I am a strong believer that who we stand for is those who we support, and serve, and what we stand for is our organizations, or our clubs we are involved with. In any situation standing tall and proud for these two areas create passionate, and developed leaders.  I am very proud to serve the Arizona Association FFA. I hope I can shed light on the unknown, share my views through my eyes, and make many personal connections. Lastly, Arizona FFA will we, "Do what we can, With what we have, Where we are!"