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Olivia Long

State Treasurer

The Arizona Association FFA has made such a difference in my life. Being part of an organization as big as the FFA that makes every individual feel special and welcomed, is an inspiring thing. The friends I've made all over the nation, the opportunities I've had to travel, the chances I've been given to succeed, and the sense of accomplishment I've felt any time I've taken those chances, have all encouraged me to run for State Office. I've been incredibly blessed with my experience in FFA and the mentor's I've had, and I'd like nothing more than to pass on my knowledge. I desire to be a State Officer because it offer's a continuation for all of the joy's I've had in the Payson FFA. I desire to be a State Officer for the chance of positively impacting other members and making a difference in their lives, the way past State Officers have done for me. I look up to the past State Officers who have made me feel included and important. They've inspired me to want to do the same for others. Aside from leadership, I'm passionate about agriculture and what the FFA stands for. I'd love to be a leader again in an organization that promotes health, safety and the honesty of agriculture.